Mageia 4 Review – Linux Distro Reviews

==Apologies for the last upload on Pear OS 8. I deleted due to the project being killed off or sold, and is consequently no longer available.== I review the latest stable release from the Mageia community! This is a major […]

Korora 20 Review – Linux Distro Reviews

==What distribution of Puppy Linux should I review?==I review the KDE version of Korora Linux. Based on Fedora 20, this distro is a fantastic way to use Fedora as this distro comes with a great array of software and pre-enabled […]

Pinguy OS 13.10 Review – Linux Distro Review

==What desktop environment should accompany Fedora 20 in its review?==I review the third and final beta of Pinguy OS 13.10. Overall, this system is a fully-featured starting platform for anyone new to Linux, or those wanting to discover what Linux […]

openSUSE 13.1 Review – Linux Distro Reviews

This time we’re taking a look at openSUSE 13.1 with KDE 4.11.2. Overall, a performance monster with fantastic levels of customization for the power user. Well and truly worth installing if you know how you want to run you Linux […]

Best KDE Distributions 2013 | Part 1

==Keep the suggestions coming!==Thanks to your suggestions, I’m taking a look at the best KDE Linux distributions for 2013. First up, SolydK, Linux Mint KDE, and Neptune. Stay tuned for part two! Links: Donate here…thanks: My Google+: My Facebook: My […]

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==What is your favourite feature of elementary’s latest release?==I review the highly anticipated elementary OS Luna in its final release form. Highly recommended as the quality in both design and stability shines through in not just the desktop itself, but […]

Sony Xperia Z Review | IGO 12 July

Yes indeed, it’s been a while since I posted videos on my blog, but I figured I should start again, as YouTube has now got some much better sharing options on the upload page. Enjoy